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Angel of Light

I haven’t seen this updated in is around 07/07/18. I meant to release this four days ago but wordpress is giving me trouble. I keep getting logged out. Also the block system is strange. I have never worked with a system like it before. I plan to write in word then paste the chapters in wordpress. It doesn’t like it very much. Also I plan to release epub and pdfs of the novels periodically and when I’m done.

Chapter 9


Pleased by the bewilderment of Qin
Shiyue, Ye Sinian smiled and licked his lips, leaned on the table with his chin
in one hand, and glanced at the tips of Qin Shiyue’s ears, which were slowly turning

The beautiful and innocent young man
sighed with a slight smile, while the slightly upward turned phoenix eyes show
a slight evil intent and glanced at him with slanted eyes. Ye…

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Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother Chapter 43

SilverNeko Scanlations

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Translator: SilverNeko

Editor: Dancing Dolphins Yo!

Suddenly a wave of coldness washed over. The mountain wind blew in from the window, bringing rain with it across the room. The not fully closed window made whoosh sounds.

Wen Jing rapidly buried his head in between Jun YanZhi’s neck and shoulder. Overwhelmed, he was biting his smooth neck.

Jun YanZhi quietly said: “Don’t rush, shidi.”

Wen Jing was sad to the point of crying.

He had thought that he admired and revered Jun YanZhi which was why he behaved like a dog, running circles around him. However, he didn’t know that his feelings towards Jun shixiong were actually so unclean. It was too shameless……

Uncontrollably, Wen Jing kissed Jun YanZhi’s mouth and intermittently said: “Shixiong, I, I’m sorry. I’m simply……” not a human being……

A wave of sour pain scattered in Jun YanZhi’s heart. He wholeheartedly…

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Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother Chapter 41.1

SilverNeko Scanlations

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Translator: SilverNeko

Editor: Dancing Dolphins Yo!

Once the tortoise finished eating the white fruit, it crawled back to Wen Jing and was picked up by him. With some embarrassment, Wen Jing said: “This tortoise has already not eaten for many days. Normally, it’s not this gluttonous. Today, I owe you a favor for the white fruit. In the future, I’ll definitely pay it back. This is my Jun shixiong’s tortoise. You can find him if there’s anything.”

You Si smiled: “Favors, this kind of thing, naturally, the more people owe me, the better.”

Wen Jing thought about the interactions that had happened between them before and said: “Last time, I luckily won. If there’s a chance someday, we can compete again. However, the case of the demonic cultivator, will you continue to investigate?”

You Si nodded: “Of course, I’m going to investigate. Are you interested?”

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BMHS: Chapter 6.1 – The first love sentence of his life, “You have to eat well.”

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Crescent Moon Translations

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: chiangyushien

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower


“Today, I’ll also go back to the old house. Seventh brother, sit with me.” While he was speaking to Feng Zejiao, Meng Qi glanced and still could only see the top of Meng Ting’s bowed head.

For Feng Zejiao, Meng Qi’s willingness to go back to the old house made her naturally pleased. Meng Qi wanted to talk to Meng Ting. She also could not find any reason to refute. In fact, all the more did she feel that this foolish, slow-witted boy’s luck was pretty good. Both Gu Lang and Meng Qi had a good impression of him.

However, Meng Ting was quite sure that he did not want to sit together with Meng Qi, who forcibly kissed a man and even groped him. That had a great impact on Meng Ting so he shook his head. “I’ll sit…

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BMHS; 001 [I]

─ ikigai novels ─


when am I getting married?”

part one


Around the time Meng Ting began to understand things, he was continuously told that he stupid beyond redemption.

He crawled slower, sat slower, walked slower and even learned how to speak slower than other children. At the age when other children could generally speak quite fluently, he was still finding it difficult using simple words to express himself.

Quiet, awkward and gloomy…he was a child that was disliked by others.

His grandmother adopted him from the orphanage when he was seven years old and raised him until he was fourteen. During those seven years, his grandmother repeated to Meng Ting day after day that he was foolish in every respect, that he was a good-for-nothing who only knew how to eat, and that he was a completely useless piece of trash.

There was a time when Meng Ting extremely feared…

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Pulling Together a Villain Reformation Strategy – Chapter 30


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Chapter 30 – Imbecilic Little Fresh Meat1

His transformation from the little lamb to the big gray wolf was so sudden that even Jiang Xunyi was dazed. He actually didn’t fight back, only looking up in astonishment.

Their eyes met in midair. Jiang Xunyi immediately lowered his eyelashes, but Yun Xie did not dodge or hide: “What? Want to say you’re Du Heng and that I have recognized the wrong person again? Jiang Xunyi, I don’t dare to say this about anyone else, but I would still be able to recognize you even if you turned into ash or smoke. I know you hold resentment towards me in your heart…

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CFCS Chapter 49

aurora translates

Chapter 49
Prince of Piano (Arc 4.9)

As the dinner party was coming to an end, Kurt wanted to bring Jing Yang back home together and take advantage of this opportunity to talk to Hai Weixiu. But before he could find the right chance to go forward, Hai Weixiu had already left with Jing Yang.

The Mooney family returned home, and after Susan finished showering and came out of the restroom and lay down on the bed, Kurt told her, “There is less than a year before Avi will turn 19 years old. We need to quickly determine his and Faith’s wedding date first, and then in a few months, we will start preparing.”

Susan was silent for a while. “But…Faith very obviously likes Corrica, he has also said to me multiple times that he does not want to marry Avi.”

“Can this kind of matter be decided by him?”…

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CFCS Chapter 48

aurora translates

Chapter 48
Prince of Piano (Arc 4.8)

Jing Yang lived quite comfortably in Hai Weixiu’s home, to the point that he didn’t want to return to the Mooney house. Hai Weixiu would also not kick him out anyways.

Hai Weixiu was not at all as hard to get along with as the rumors made him seem, at least he treated Jing Yang very well, just somewhat fond of taking liberties with him. Jing Yang felt that this person showed an icily arrogant and serious appearance, but was actually a rogue beneath the surface.

Even though Jing Yang did not want to return to the Mooney family, at noon the second day after the competition had ended, Faith personally came to pick Jing Yang up and bring him back home under his parents’ orders.

The Mooney family car waited outside the school, and Jing Yang got on unwillingly and unresignedly, sitting…

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